Traveling to ‘Syden’: Uhm..ok..And just where the heck is THAT?!

Google translate will tell you that the word ‘syden’ means anything from “southern”, “tropical”, or “beach”, and all I can say is, at least they got that translation right. To any Norwegian, ‘syden’ is a magical place that is always warmer and sunnier than it is here in Norway (not hard to do), and it almost always includes a beautiful sea, a picture-postcard beach lined with stately palm trees, and lots of cheap food and alcohol. You know, sort of like what Mexico is to Americans. But here’s the thing: it’s not a specific town, country or location–it just means that it’s anywhere that meets the requirements that I listed up there. ‘Syden’ could be Greece, Spain, Italy, the South of France, Thailand, Cuba…you get my meaning. So when a Norwegian says that they are going to ‘syden’, they are telling you that they are going somewhere nice and warm without you, and they aren’t going to give you the details of the specific location unless you ask. But they will blow up your newsfeed on Instagram or Facebook with about 50 million photos of how perfect everything is there.

Too bad you're not here in syden with us....

Too bad you’re not with us here in syden…

3 responses to “Norwegianisms

  1. Love Syden!! She’s going there without me later this month (for a good cause). Next April, it’s TRIPLE Syden for us!!! Perhaps we should apologize in advance for future FB photos?! 🙂

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