While You Are (Patiently) Waiting….

I have been quite busy with all things ‘Life’ lately, and when it comes to living in Norway during the month of May, it can be 10 times more busy than normal. There are about a thousand kids birthday parties to attend, closing activities for the end of the year in Amigos (a church thing) and Girl Scouts (‘Speideren’ in Norwegian) for the 6 year old, bunad to get ready for Norway’s National Day–May 17– for the 6 year old (who has already begun to say she hates wearing bunad, but wants mine when she grows up), making sure that everyone in the house knows on a daily basis what’s going on, where it’s going down, how long it will last, which one of us has been lucky enough to be elected to drive/pick up the kids, then there are the stressful end of the year school tests for the 16 year old, birthday parties to plan for both kids (June and July birthdays), and lastly (I think), planning the finishing touches on our upcoming summer trip back to the States… All of this piled on top of our normal, everyday routine of school, jobs, housework and grocery shopping. We were able to catch a break and slow down a bit to savor some quiet, much more mellow times together in the midst of the chaotic schedule..and that has made all of the difference.
IMG_3271                     Our few hours of quiet repreival at Vigdarheim in Sveio kommune.
Perhaps our life doesn’t sound so chaotic to you, but somehow, I was under the impression that when I moved to Norway, the crazy busy life I had been living in Colorado would magically become a little less crazy.

What in the world was I drinking at that time?!?

So, while I realize that some of you may have been waiting and wondering (or maybe not) about what the next blog topic will be focusing on, I happily present to you a blog that I’ve written for my personal friends, Tom and Sheila, at http://www.RomancingTheGlobeTravelBlog.com (seriously you guys NEED to check them out!!!!).  Before they headed out on their nearly 6 week excursion to Thailand and Cambodia a few months ago, they were kind enough to ask me if I wanted to write for their travel blog site, and I immediately said, “YES!”.  While my initial reaction was one filled with super-charged excitement, the excitement wore off and it was quickly replaced with a mix of writer’s block, a deadline and a slight case of panic…because who wants to write a lame article and then submit it to friends they’ve known for years and years?? Not this girl! I have to admit, it looks much better on their website than it did on my laptop. But that could be because I have a case of being my own worst critic… 😉

So my dear readers, happy reading to you, and enjoy your long weekend!  Please feel free to let me, Tom and Sheila know what you thought of the blog about my double love affair in Oslo.


6 responses to “While You Are (Patiently) Waiting….

  1. So …. why the abundance of birthday parties in May?? Is August a particularly frisky month for Norwegians? Is it because August is vacation month?

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